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Campus Viewpoints: Students share their thoughts on recycling

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Gent Mujeci


Student Gent Mujeci, 20, says he makes his own compost to recycle. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

Gent Mujeci, 20, computer engineering major, said he thinks recycling is very important because of the direct effect it has on the environment.

“It has a huge impact on marine life, the animals eat the plastic and then end up dying,” Mujeci said. “People who make a living out of commercial fishing are struggling because the fish population is decreasing.

Mujeci said there are people all over the world who have to deal with trash on their shores, ruining the ecosystem and resources.

Mujeci added that he uses one water bottle for up to two weeks, drinking and refilling it, to minimize the number of bottles he uses.

The owner of a hen, Mujeci said he tries to self-sustain by using his hen’s eggs, effectively by, “cutting out the middle-man and the use of carton in which eggs are sold.”

Daniella Clark


Daniella Clark, 18, says she has stopped using straws to help the environment. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“I think it is super important to recycle because we have a lot of garbage killing our environment,” Daniella Clark, 18, chemistry major, said. “The ocean will eventually be void of fish.”

Clark said she makes her own compost out of anything that is biodegradable, in order contribute to a cleaner earth.

Clark said she makes her parents recycle and informs other people of recycling mistakes.

“People recycle pizza boxes but you can’t recycle that because of the grease,” Clark said.

Faheema Ahmed


Faheema Ahmed, 17, says she does not use water bottles because they are harmful to the environment. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“I think it is necessary for people to recycle because the world is deteriorating,” Faheema Ahmed, 17, environmental science major, said.

Ahmed said she believes recycling is important because climate change is destroying resources.

“To be honest I do not take a lot of actions but I recycle at home and reuse plastic bags,” Ahmed said.

Christian Nelson

“I think it is important to keep the planet safe. [Recycling] helps our ocean and marine life and we reduce waste when we recycle,” Christian Nelson, 18, business major, said.

Nelson said that when he has water bottles, he crushes them, collects them and takes them to a recycling center.

Taise Signorelli

“I feel it (recycling) is a good thing for the environment, it is very helpful, Taise Signorelli, 18, undeclared major, said.

“I separate the cans from the bottles and do what I can to make sure the appropriate bottles go in the appropriate bins,” Signorelli said.

“Mostly because I want to help contribute,” she added.

Uriel Medina


Uriel Medina, 18, says he is not a fan of trash being where it is not supposed to be. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“I recycle but when I’m not at my house, I usually throw it in the trash,” Uriel Medina, 18, computer science major, said

Medina said he will usually collect as many recyclable materials as he can in a month and then exchange the items for money at a recycling center.

Medina said if he sees trash on the floor, he will pick it up and place it where it belongs.

“A lot of trash makes places dirtier and it is bad for the environment,” Medina said.

Bianca Khoo


Bianca Khoo, 19, says everyone should recycle because it is not a very difficult or inconvenient thing to do. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“It (recycling) is important and we should be doing it,” Bianca Khoo, 19, electrical engineer major, said.

Khoo said she will do anything she can to minimize the amount of plastic she uses.

“I use reusable water bottles and bring utensils from home,” Khoo said.

Khoo said that she recycles anything she can and that everyone should do recycle because it is simple.

“If we don’t take care of the earth, we won’t have any place to live,” Khoo said.

Emad Attiyat


Emad Attiyat, 17, says recycling bottles and bags is a good way to reduce the use of plastic. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

Emad Attiyat, 17, business major, said “It is important because it can help our environment and we can reuse a lot of stuff.”

“I recycle bottles, keep plastic bags and reuse them to reduce my use of plastic,” Attiyat said.


Update: Tuesday, Oct. 23, 11:30 the word “said” was changed to “says” in the photo captions for accuracy. The words “the eggs” were removed for accuracy.

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Campus Viewpoints: Students share their thoughts on recycling