Campus Viewpoints: Students share their plans and thoughts on Halloween

The Union Staff asked students around campus if they celebrated Halloween and their thoughts about the holiday on Oct. 10.

Mousa Awadallah

Mousa Awadallah, 19-year-old, biology major, waits for his next class at The Common Grounds area on Oct. 10. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Mousa Awadallah, 19, biology major said, “I go to parties, that’s about it. I used to trick or treat, now I’m too old for that.”

Awadallah said he still dresses up for the holiday. “I always go as something really dumb, like a hot dog or a banana.”

Awadallah said a Halloween tradition he does with his friends is to gather candy from their younger siblings and to eat them around a bonfire.

Alex Bruchner

Alex Bruchner, 19-year-old, theatre major, orders coffee before going to her next class on Oct. 10. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Alex Bruchner, 19, theatre major said, “Recently though it’s been more Halloween parties, but not like crazy ones. Just like more contained ones with like close friends.”

Bruchner said she and her boyfriend plan to do costumes that reference certain memes about moths. “He is like really tall, so he’s going to be a lamp and I’m going to be a moth.”

Bruchner said a tradition she does every Halloween is to make caramel apples with her mom.

Ivan Arceo

Ivan Arceo, 18-year-old, marketing major, lounges by the stairs next to the Math Business Allied Health building on Oct. 10. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Ivan Arceo, 18, marketing major said, “When I was young I used to dress up. Nowadays I’m at the door giving out candies.”

Arceo said he stopped dressing up for Halloween when he turned 14-years-old. “I can’t fit my old costumes and I can’t be bothered to buy new ones.”

Arceo said he has no problem with students who show up to school in costume. “You have the right to dress up and celebrate however you wanted.”

Syndi Rosales

Syndi Rosales, 28-year-old, nursing major, avoids the sun by relaxing under the trees next to the Math Business Allied Health building on Oct. 10. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Syndi Rosales, 28, nursing major said, “I usually go to a Halloween party.”

Rosales said she doesn’t think she will be dressing up this year because the holiday is approaching fast and will land in between the week on a school day. “It’s too stressful to dress up.”

Rosales said a tradition of hers is to go to a pumpkin patch with her family and is thinking of making a Day Of The Dead table this year.