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Campus Viewpoints: What is the best place to eat on and around campus?

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The Union went around campus and took orders from five students to see what they enjoy eating on and off campus.


Susana Hernandez, 23, communications studies major: “I (want to) say across the street. The food on campus is decent and good for snacks. I can’t get a decent salad here. I like Chicken Maison because their food is fresh and they have lots of food you can combine with chicken. It tastes like real food.”


David Barillas, 20, graphic designer major: “Compared to other places, (Campus Deli) has good prices for a variety of foods. I don’t look at the menu, but I would say chicken tenders and fries are my favorite items. I usually bring my food. I like Subway because it’s healthier and more balanced than fatty foods.”


Vivian Cordova, 18, nursing major: “I don’t know the name of the deli, but they have the best crepes. My favorite item is a Mocha Madness because it has chocolate in it. Triple T has really good chicken wings.”


Eric Furth, 20, political science major: “I like the Common Grounds because they have a variety of foods. You can get anything you want. I like an acai bowl because it’s easy to get, healthy and cheap. I get that if I don’t eat breakfast at my house. I don’t eat near campus and none of them are my favorite.”


Adeli Ramos, psychology major: “I like the (Supreme Burger Grill) because it’s clean, cheap and sometimes has chairs. I enjoy their veggie omelet. I have class in the morning, and that boosts my energy. Off campus, I like McDonald’s. Their foods are $1 and it’s really fast there.”

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Campus Viewpoints: What is the best place to eat on and around campus?