Campus Viewpoints: Have students seen Black Panther?

The Union went around asking students if they have seen the Marvel Studios’ film, “Black Panther.”

Jordan Villarreal, 21, film major: “I thought it was an amazing film, they just did a significant job at representing culture, as well as bringing in social elements into the film, that I thought was really good (and) really progressive for a Marvel film.”

Osiris Fulton, 22, communications major: “I like the ideology that they had going on between Killmonger and T’challa. Because it’s not often you actually get to see a villain add to the dynamic of the hero, to where he actually empowers the hero to make better judgements on what to do and better carry himself as a hero.”

Arianna Nesbeth, 24, psychology major: “I loved it, because you usually don’t see Black people, Africans, (and) African-American people in a positive light. You usually see them as a supporting character or you see them as like that typical stereotype.”

Marco Leyva Sanchez, 19, undecided: “I haven’t been able to go, due to school work and actual work. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, I’m super stoked about it.”

Fredonia Dexter, 21, who is studying acting: “I think it was amazing honestly, I mean I know there (are) a lot of movies that come out all the time and I think it was perfect timing for it to come out, especially during Black History Month and getting to see African-Americans in a positive light.”