Campus Viewpoints: Do you feel safe on campus?

The Union asked students do they feel safe on El Camino College’s campus.

Photo credit: Emma DiMaggio

Melissa Focardi, 19, communications major: “I’m kind of thankful that I don’t have to come here at night, because I don’t think I would feel safe at the night time here. In the day time I feel alright.”

Photo credit: Emma DiMaggio

Tanner Ostensen, 22, communications major: “There was a utility closet fire in the Math Building on Thursday. They cleared everybody out of the building, all floors were cleared. The only problem was that they were still clearing people about 20 minutes later when everyone was supposed to be cleared. It just took awhile. What if the fire actually spread? Those people might not be here.”

Photo credit: Emma DiMaggio

Jessica Haro, 23, film major: “We’re not notified when something happens. Like there’s been times where there have been shooters on campus and besides like an email when I got home but like when something like that happens, are there alarms or something? Like how do we know?”