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Campus Viewpoints: How do students think the semester went for them?

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The Union asked students how they believe their semester went during the final week of classes.

Jamie Buell.jpg

Photo credit: Faith Petrie

Jamie Buell, 19, sociology major: “I think it was conceptually pretty easy but just a lot of work and stuff. I understood everything but I just had to study.”

Nick Castillo.jpg

Photo credit: Faith Petrie

Nick Castillo, 19, theatre major: “I definitely overloaded myself this semester. I think I should have given myself more me-time because I did too many units, too many classes, with everything all together as a theatre major doing all the plays and all that. So this one was definitely an overwhelming semester.”

Jonathan Canizales.jpg

Photo credit: Faith Petrie

Jonathan Canizales, 36, history major: “It went pretty well I just wasn’t sure that I was going to finish it. I ended up making some big changes (this semester) so I’m glad that it turned out OK.”

Maria Arias.jpg

Photo credit: Faith Petrie

Maria Arias, 19, mechanical engineering major: I think it went pretty OK considering I didn’t study.”

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Campus Viewpoints: How do students think the semester went for them?