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School shooting in Spokane shows that faculty should receive more preventative training

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If the United States seeks to lose its position as the country with more mass shootings than anywhere else in the world, proper measures must be taken to prevent them, specifically in schools.

Tragedies, such as the high school shooting in Spokane, Washington that occurred on Wednesday, Sept. 13, are unfortunate and, as a nation, we must take more steps towards preventing them.

Although El Camino College is approximately 1200 miles from Spokane, Washington, we remain susceptible to the same fate as that high school if we do not work on the promotion of mental health services.

According to a survey done by Kind Communities, a foundation dedicated to helping younger people achieve physical and mental well being, young people see mental health as an even bigger priority than physical health, but are unaware of resources.

This needs to change. Promoting mental health services, such as those available for El Camino students at the Health Center, can greatly reduce the likelihood of a school shooting occurring.

Some state governments are already taking precautions against school shootings. A state board in Arkansas voted to allow 13 school districts to train their teachers and staff as armed guards.

This could be an efficient way for the government to actively prevent school shootings. Training El Camino teachers and staff to use firearms can be crucial in stopping a potential massacre on campus.

As school shootings continue to occur, many state governments have already decided to allow armed staff in schools to help limit the amount of school shootings.

Several other states, including Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut have agreed to implement armed staff in school as a way of preventing incidents like the one in Spokane, Washington.

Whether it be a high school, El Camino College or an ivy league university, schools should be able to operate without the fear of a mass shooting occurring.

We must make sure that students know they have options. Everyone deserves a safe place to learn. We must do everything in our power as students, teachers and the like to prevent school shooting tragedies from happening.

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School shooting in Spokane shows that faculty should receive more preventative training