Campus Viewpoints: Trump’s one month in office

“The Union” went out and asked students to share their thoughts on Trump’s presidency after a month in office. Here’s what some of the students have to say:

Alondra Gonzalez, 20, English major: ” I am more concern with no more checks and balances. We are supposed to live in a democracy but it doesn’t seem like it anymore.”

Cynthia Saavedra, 19, undecided major: “I feel like our society failed for allowing him into office. I am scared for our future especially because of the immigration checkpoints around our country.”

Jose Monge, 46, machine technician major: “He pretty much have done everything he said he will do when he gets into office. He’s our President now, the other party needs to stop blocking him from assigning jobs to create his cabinet.”

Safah Shirzad, 19, undecided major: “At first I was indifferent about Trump but now I believe he has a lot of negative effects on us, America. Because of him, there’s now a social split.”

Lonnie Ro, 26, industrial design major: “I think it’s ironic that he’s doing everything he said he was going to do. We are all kind of used to politicians not doing everything they say they will do, which makes it ironic.”