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Valentine’s Day: A time for love or heartbreak?

Some people think Valentine’s Day is the one of the most romantic “holidays” of the year.

Not me.

First relationships are one of the most cherished moments in a person’s life, or so I thought.

My birthday is on Valentine’s Day, and I hate it.

On my 18th birthday, I found out that my first love was cheating on me.

I had been dealing with ongoing anxiety and when I met her in my senior year of high school, she was like the light in my life.

She had these irresistible bright, brown eyes.

“Hey you, I’m lost, do you know where the math building is?” she said.

Nervously, I pointed at the direction where it was.

She was still lost, so I offered to show her where the building was located.

While walking towards the math building, there was an awkward silence between the two of us.

So I started a conversation and I got her number, then we started to text and call each other for a week straight, eventually we started dating.

After being together for six months, she began to be on her phone a lot more than usual.

She told me she was texting “Jessica,” a friend from class.

I became suspicious so I asked her to show me the contact details, which she did.

I didn’t bother to call the number, because I trusted her and Valentine’s Day was coming.

I had the perfect plan to make her happy.

We were going to go on a picnic at the park and then hang out and eventually have dinner at Strand House Brewing Company, which has an ocean view in Manhattan Beach.

Knowing how special the day was, I spoiled her the with chocolate and flowers.

Great Valentine’s Day right? Not quite.

As we were eating our dinner, she got up and told me she was going to the restroom.

About five minutes after she was gone, her phone rang.

The person who called was none other than the infamous “Jessica.”

When I picked up the phone, it wasn’t a woman’s voice.

I immediately asked if it was Jessica.

The voice on the phone said, “Nah bro, this is her boyfriend Chris. Who is this?”

I sat in my seat shocked and confused.

Chris began to ask “Who’s this?” and “Why are you with my girlfriend?”

I saw her walking back to our booth so I hung up and confronted her about Jessica.

Apparently “Chris” was in her math class.

We had a big fight where I was blamed for being a “bad” boyfriend, so we broke up on the spot. As I got up and began to leave, she started to cry.

The bystanders who saw her crying called me a “coward,” and a “terrible human being who should never have another date on Valentine’s Day.”

I got blamed for everything, and she was the victim.

To this day, I despise Valentine’s Day.

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