Books or E-books?

The Union went around asking students if they prefer books or e-books for their classes, here’s what they said.


“E-book, I just think it would be better.”

-Tyrone Oragugzie, 24, film


“Textbook. You can feel the actual pages, and it’s easier to just flip through.”

-Cody Nichols, 23, art


“I would rather have a textbook because I’ll lag online and start looking at other pages.”

-Gloria Ochoa, 20, astronomy


“(E-books) don’t cost as much and textbooks are a burden after the semester, having to sell them and everything.”

-Akah Sha, 29, child development


“Textbook, because it is more visual and easier to read. Online it is so much harder to read.”

-Michelle Medina, 30, liberal studies