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Campus Viewpoints : Smoking Ban

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Samuel Ruezga, 18, computer science

“I’m kinda of in the middle of the smoking ban. I see people smoke and I can’t do anything about it. I don’t do it but we should keep the campus clean. I see cigarette butts all over campus”.

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Sebastian Torres, 18, undeclared

“I think the smoking ban is good. It’s bad for you. Why would you ever do it?”

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Theodore Stanley, 18, psych

“To be honest I’m not for smoking. I know they don’t enforce the ban but I think they should enforce it or at least have a designated spot to smoke”.

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Evelyn Reinteria,17, social work

“I don’t mind people smoking, but I don’t like when people do it around me”.

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Jackie Gonzalez, 18, psychology

“Smoking is whatever to me. You can’t stop people from smoking if they want to”.

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Campus Viewpoints : Smoking Ban