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Up for Debate: Playstation Has Retaken the Throne

Gaming’s fiercest rivalry was renewed last year with the releases of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One and this time, Playstation 4 holds the upper hand.

This rivalry dates back to the early 2000’s when Sony’s Playstation 2 gaming console battled the sales market with then-new competitor Microsoft and its Xbox console.

Microsoft grabbed the attention of gamers with the Xbox-exclusive series Halo, but the Xbox sales paled in comparison to the impressive numbers Sony compiled for the PS2; 21.48 million units compared to 4.6 million in the U.S. by Jan. 2003, according to

Both Companies followed up with sequels, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 in November 2005 and Sony released the Playstation 3 the following year, according to

Microsoft would fight back with the Xbox 360, and not even the “Red Ring of Death” defect could slow Xbox 360 sales, which sold 5 million units as opposed to 3.61 million PS3 units in each console’s respective first fiscal year, according to

With both companies releasing their newest consoles, gamers are at the point where they must decide which console to build their game library around.

The PS4 is clearly the winner of this round, with faster hardware, many new features, and a gaming-centered approach, as opposed to the Xbox One that tries to enter the entertainment realm.

As far as specifications go, the edge goes to PS4. The Xbox One has a slight advantage in processing power, but has a slower graphics processor, a 1.31 teraflop capacity compared to the PS4’s 1.84 teraflop GPU, according to

PS4 also runs its games with a higher resolution, with Sony titles running in 1080p compared to 720p for the Xbox One, according to

For those who think teraflops are like electric pancakes, the interpretation is that the PS4 can render graphics quicker than the Xbox One, making for a better looking and better flowing experience.

Price has proven to be a strong selling point for gamers as many chose the $100 cheaper PS4 on launch day, but now after two Microsoft price cuts, the base Xbox One console sits at $349, according to

That is 50 dollars less than the PS4 but this difference is negligible however, as the $349 Xbox doesn’t include a game, and most new titles start at $59.99.

Games are what we care about at the end of the day, and they rely more on personal preference. Xbox One holds exclusive rights to the Halo franchise, while PS4 has exclusive titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Uncharted 4.

The PS4 has sold 22.3 million units as of April 2015 according to, and for good reason; new games, better graphics, and overall better value make the Playstation 4 the clear choice for buyers in this new generation of games.

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