Students reflect on the worst thing to happen to them the first week

We asked students what the worst thing to happen to them was during the first week of school.

“Finding parking is I think the worst thing so far,” Vicky Stepanenko, 20, business major, said.

“I’m getting evicted,” Ashley Soto, 18, pre-law major, said.

“The bookstore didn’t have my physics book so I’m contacting other college libraries to see if they have the book and so far no one has it. I might try the Amazon thing and wait two weeks for delivery,” Grant Acker, 19, psychology major, said.

“Just the parking situation because you have to deal with those space wasters, if you will, taking our parking spots. They come the first week of the semester and then drop,” Christian Main, 24, business marketing major, said.

“Parking. There’s so many people there,” Daniel In, 21, bio-engineering major, said.

“The power outage here at school because my class was canceled and I had to take the bus because my brother couldn’t pick me up but the ATM wasn’t working, so I had to go to 7-11 all the way on the other side. That took me like an hour,” Carlos Caceres, 18, history major, said.

“I was driving to my brother’s soccer game and then got a flat tire,” Jessica Cortes, 21, liberal studies major, said.

“I lost my notebook that had all my notes for my test. I went to the police station to look in lost and found and it wasn’t there. I got a C on my test,” Wilber Cornejo, 18, public health major, said.

“I saw two guys naked, giggling and starring at each other in the shower in the locker room before my boxing class,” Uriel Saravia, 18, fireman technician major, said.