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Is Halloween just an excuse to dress provocatively? Yes

Busty nurses, Playboy bunnies and revealing princesses from your favorite childhood Disney movies.

No, these people aren’t at the doctor’s office or in the Playboy Mansion or characters on the TV.

This is what you find when you walk into the women’s section of any Halloween store this time of year. This year there are more Halloween stores and less clothing for women. Halloween has become a holiday no longer about the candy or a trick or a treat. It is a holiday that has solely become an excuse for women to dress in revealing outfits while they party.

While booze will be in the hands of most college students on the weekend, women and men will be in outfits that are extremely inappropriate or extremely revealing.

Walking into a party on Halloween, you are likely to find less clothing women than you would on a hot and sunny day at the beach.

The No. 1 hit when you search for women’s costumes for Halloween on Google is, “Sexy Dresses Women’s Sexy clothes” from the flirtcatalog website.

Halloween has become a day where women find what they want to be for the holiday and then make the costume as revealing as they can with skin showing in places they normally wouldn’t.

Along with the Halloween outrage with revealing costumes, Halloween has become a haven for making women want to dress in revealing clothes and do anything to fit into the costume they want to wear. One costume choice for women is “Anna Rexia” a tight-knit black dress with a skeleton on the front.

This costume not only is revealing, but also takes a stab at anorexia, which is a serious illness that has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness according to the National Eating Disorders Association.

When Halloween comes around, women need to be able to find a way to catch a man’s eye without wearing skimpy outfits that make men think they are prostitutes.

The sexualization of women during Halloween is not only effecting women, but it is also effecting society making this OK for women to dress more revealing during the holiday.

According to an article by the York Daily Record,  30 percent of young girls’ clothing sold in the U.S. stores could be considered sexy.

We need to change this and women need to lead the way and put clothes on when Halloween comes around.

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