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Commentary: Democrats lack the spark that Republicans have with scandal

It’s about time the Democrats had a sex scandal. A juicy one, that is.

Gone are the days when Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky ruled our TVs with their liberal-home-wrecking affair.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past week, Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York was found to have a thing for prostitutes.

More like he had a thing for spending about $80,000 during a 10-year period at an escort service, moving money illegally and asking his bank not to put his name on the transfers.

As of yesterday morning, Gov. Spitzer resigned as governor and has passed the reins to Lt. Gov. David A. Patterson.

Currently many on the right are yelling “Hypocrite” to the man who signed into law one of the toughest anti-prostitution laws just last year.

Let’s be honest though; this doesn’t have the same pizzazz as a Republican sex scandal.

Where are the underage male Congressional pages? Where’s the wide stance? Where’s the foot tapping?

Where’s the gay basher who happens to enjoy the occasional male prostitute while maintaining a picturesque all-American family?

This is a bit tame for a sex scandal.

When it comes sex scandals, Spitzer could have tried a little harder to gain notoriety.

He had an affair with a female prostitute who was of age and was paid thousands of dollars for her services.

Sorry, but one has heard juicier stories on an episode of Canadian-teen drama “Degrassi.”

Of course, one shouldn’t condone Spitzer’s action.

He’s completely lost whatever trust and respect the citizens of New York had for him.

He will answer to money-laundering as well.

His wife and teenage daughters have to put up with the situation, and even his wife, who “stood by her man,” has been criticized for being there for the apology and the resignation speech.

But let’s be honest; when it comes to sex scandals, Republicans do it better.

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