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Is Winter Session Necessary?

Currently the college has a five-week winter session in which students may take classes that they might have missed in the fall or plan to get out of the way before the spring semester starts.

For many students winter session has become a staple of their academic year as they take advantage of it.

They see it as an opportunity to transfer out of EC quicker and finally move on to a four-year college or university.

There is a possibility that the winter session is will be eliminated from the 2009 or 2010 academic year.

If this plan is executed there will be benefits for both the student body and the college itself.

Students will have a longer summer session so they may take more classes or have a longer vacation.

The fact that students can take more classes means that the college will obtain more money.

Taking classes in the winter is not only a drag but it can also be pointless at times.

If one is taking a class like English or math, which covers a lot of material over a regular semester then how is one to cope with the stresses of day-to-day life plus double the extra load of studying and homework in just five weeks?

While some students who are taking winter session classes may be able to multi-task life and school, let’s be honest- most of us can’t.

If winter session is canceled then it would be possible for students to take more classes since the college would be able to have two summer sessions since the winter break would be cut short.

Then those who weren’t able to sign up for the class they wanted in the winter, or if the class they wanted wasn’t offered, wouldn’t waste five weeks waiting for the spring semester to start.

Then again some students and instructors just need a break from school in general and the fast pace of winter doesn’t help one relax.

But why spend the winter locked in a classroom when one can spend it catching up on sleep?

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