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Campus Viewpoints: Is Winter Session Necessary?

“No, because winter session is too short. You don’t get anything out of it because the instructors rush you through the lessons.”

Lana Williams, 38, Accounting Major

“Yes, because some students don’t want to take a break between fall and spring sessions. Taking that break might make people lazy to start the spring semester. And others take classes in the winter to get a short class out of the way.”

Alex Sebastian,19, Biology Major

“Yes, because the classes are short and you can study in your spare time. It’s convenient because I come to school to study anyway so I might as well take a class.”

Juan Ruiz, 21, Graphic Design Major

“Yes, because winter session is a way to catch up on classes. It’s very important and more people should take advantage of the opportunity.”

Hunter Karikac, 13, Undecided Major

“Yes, because students need to graduate. If they study really hard they can learn a lot from the class.”

Anne-Sheree Yates, 19, English Major

“Yes, because if you fail or don’t do well in one class in the fall semester, you can make it up in the winter.”

Josh Berard, 19, Kinesiology Major

“Yes, winter and summer are the most important semesters because if you didn’t do well in the spring semester or the fall semester, you have those semesters to make it up. Sometimes there is just too much going on in that 16-week period. I get better grades in the short semesters than I do in the long semesters.”

Roosevelt Lucas,23, Speech Communications Major

“Yes, because students want to speed up the process and transfer. They should take classes in the winter and the summer to finish faster.”

Cynthia Aguilar, 21, Psychology Major

“Yes, because without winter session I would not be able to graduate. Students need that period to take extra classes.”

Britney Scott, 22, Journalism Major

“Yes, because you learn. Just because its winter session doesn’t mean you can’t continue to go to school. You can always learn something no matter how short the session is.”

Bonnie Cutrelo, 29, English Major

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