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Union Comment: Silence isn’t golden, neither is censoring let the people speak

It is time to stop censorship.

Filmmaker Michael Moore was scheduled to speak at California State University San Marcos next Wednesday. However, university president Karen Haynes canceled Moore’s scheduled appearance but welcomed him to come back after the election.

Haynes argued the university is prohibited from using state funds on partisan political activity or direct political advocacy. Yet, the $37,000 fee that Moore was going to receive was being provided by student activity funds.

Moore, an ardent George W. Bush opponent, wasn’t allowed to speak because of his political ideology. It doesn’t matter that the money that was going to be used came from a fund provided to pay for student activities.

It doesn’t matter that Moore opposes Bush; he was going to speak at a public university. It doesn’t matter how liberal or anti-Bush Moore is; he has a constitutional right to speak. Every American has that right.

If Haynes didn’t want to upset anyone with Moore’s presence, she could have balanced out the situation by inviting a speaker who supports President Bush to speak after Moore did. Instead, she silenced a voice, which has many supporters as well as much opposition.

It is never a good thing to censor something. People have a choice as to what they want to encounter and what they don’t.

Anyone who dislikes listening to or watching something should just stay away from it. Don’t ban something just because one person doesn’t like it. Simply walk away from it.

People who feel uncomfortable around cigarette smoke wouldn’t stand next to a smoker. Anyone who dislikes alcohol isn’t going to walk into a bar. So if you’re a liberal or a conservative or if you’re pro-Bush or pro-Kerry, then stay away from the other side of your argument. Stay away from arguments you don’t agree with if they cause that much discomfort or anger. Remember, not everything that is said, printed or broadcast will cater to every individual’s personal opinion.

The beautiful thing about America is its diversity and how people live in peace despite everyone’s different views.

Every American was born with the freedom to speak. People should never be banned from expressing their views. If censorship becomes a part of the way Americans must live, then this nation will be taking a step back instead of moving forward.

So, let the liberals ramble on about whatever it is that is bothering them. Allow conservatives to preach on how people should lead a moral life. But never, under any circumstances, silence the discussion. Always remember to speak your mind, no matter who tells you to shut up.

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