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Union Comment: The Apple iPod is still the best MP3 player on the market

It is the size of a tape.

No, not a video tape but, you know, a tape that you used to be able to play in your car.

Its glistening white look can mesmerize you as it plays up to 10,000 songs.

The Apple iPod is far and away the best digital music player on the market.

TIhe beautiful design, uncontestable capacity and popularity are some of the reasons Apple has blown away the field.

The iPod has created technology that has made it the easiest digital music player to use.

The touch-sensitive buttons allow you to glide your fingers over the machine in order to play your favorite song, or CD or even all the music from your favorite artist, album or even genre.

No other player on the market can compare to the iPod’s capacity; some come close, but who doesn’t need space for 10,000 songs?

Some critics of the iPod say that it is too expensive, too big, too popular and the battery doesn’t last long enough. As Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “Don’t be iPod-hating girly men.”

The new fourth generation iPod has increased its battery length to 12 hours, which is short compared to the Dell Digital Jukebox DJ, which lasts 330 hours.

The battery life should not be an issue.

If you charge your cell phone every night, just charge the iPod with your cell phone and the problem is solved.

While the iPod is expensive, prices ranging from $299 to $399, it is quite competitive compared to other digital music players.

There is also a reason so many people have one.

It is obviously the best player on the market.

You’re not just paying for the elegant look, you’re paying for quality.

Also, while 10,000 songs may seem like too much, the smaller 20-gigabyte version holds 5,000. There is so much room, you can do whatever you want with either version.

An iPod can also be used as a calendar or an address book and it can hold applications, documents and other programs.

The new fourth generation offers new improvements to an already excellent product.

The new features include a shuffle feature that allows the user to play songs from throughout the whole iPod.

Also, the engineers at Apple have redesigned the look and added a touch sensitive click-wheel.

The wheel can be operated by touching it but also the play, fast forward, rewind and menu buttons are on the wheel and can be clicked like a button.

With the new advances in technology, the iPod continues to progress and stay atop the digital player world.

By keeping their product from being obsolete, the iPod is the best music player ever invented.

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