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Union Comment: Community college can be the right decision for many

Being a student at a community college is not something anyone should be ashamed of.

Most parents of young students might flinch at the thought of their son or daughter settling for a community college.

What these parents and many others with this belief need to understand is that the students who decide to come here are not just “settling.”

Coming to a community college has been more effective to me and many of my colleagues than going straight to a university or to a Cal State right out of high school.

I’m tired of watching the expressions on people’s faces when I tell them I go to a community college.

I am sick of people thinking that I do not have the capabilities to be a hard worker or a smart person because of the fact that I go to a junior college.

In fact, I really don’t feel stupid at all.

I know I don’t have to feel all of the pressures of university life yet.

At the same time, I still strive to move on, just as determined to be a successful student and a productive organism of society as much as any other student.

I have learned some of the most valuable lessons in life from being a student at EC.

For example, when at a university, most people have no sense of personal connection among the students and their professors.

There is a great sense of comfort and compassion that has come out of my attendance here. I have been the closest I ever have been with my colleagues and have taken with me the wisdom of my professors here who have had the time and the willingness to listen to my hardships.

I have also been able to save time to build on my talents and major requirements and have had many life experiences while at a community college.

Many of these experiences are ones that I don’t believe could be as valuable and profound if I were to attend a UC or a Cal State at this point in time in my life.

With this said, I hope many students at EC realize the importance of going to a community college and enjoy their time spent here. Going to a junior college is not a shameful thing no matter how many people may believe that it is.

All of the students here should not let their parents or their friends tell them that they have taken the “easy path” to getting a better education. If anything, students here should be proud.

The community college students should just tell those people who doubt them that they don’t know what they’ve been missing.

The students should also tell them that going to a community college has made them realize what a great decision they made to get themselves ready for the big leagues.

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