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My View: Go vote; our generation can make the difference

Day by day, as the presidential election looms closer, party supporters are breaking the surface; even at school, we cannot fail to notice the determined recruiters whose only wish is to register as many college students as they possibly can before the registration deadline.

I have noticed that there are a lot of young people who try to elude these recruiters, perhaps because they don’t want to be burdened by the reponsibility, but you cannot sit in suppression forever, as it will get you nowhere.

Those recruiters are toiling under the sweltering heat of the noontime sun because they are aware of the power that young people, especially the eloquent and opinionated minds of college students, possess.

Our generation is infamous for being carefree, for not being serious enough to handle great responsibilities and certain expectations, for seeing everything within hand’s reach, like something that mommy and daddy can give us in a jiffy.

We are also ridiculed for our obsession with violence, as seen in our excessive video-game playing and avid viewing of nonsensical shows like reality TV.

Yes, we can enjoy our youth, but we also have to start proving to our elders that we are no longer the lost generation they make us out to be.

We have to demonstrate that we are educated and that we know the magnitude of the power we possess.

Accordingly, we have to take responsability for our actions and start thinking about things we can do to make a difference.

We have to show our elders that we are informed enough and we are taking part in the political process by owning the stand that has been made for us.

Though voting is a forceful thing, I believe that it is not the only way to participate in the political process.

What about those who are not eligible to vote, or those who are not old enough, like me?

You can volunteer. There are a handful of resources you can rely on, such as organizations like “Rock the Vote.” Its goal is not only to recruit people but also to empower young people to create social and political change.

The Census Bureau reports that the young adult population, specifically 18-29-year-old citizens, exceeds the amount of 66-77-year-old citizens (20 million).

This demonstrates that if only the majority of young people would participate in voting, we could spark an incredible change in the outcome.

An award-winning newspaper, The Detroit Free Press, states that for every eight poteential voters, one is between the ages of 18 and 24.

So for those who are old enough to vote, start taking advantage of your power because the weight of one’s vote is heavy enough to make a difference in the election outcomes.

People of voting age have the certain level of power that millions of other people in the country don’t possess.

Think of your vote not as a luxury that you can choose to waste or utilize at your own comfort, but as a responsibility that you are obligated to perform.

Vote, not for the reason that your political science professor is going to give extra credit for your stub; vote, not because somebody bribed you to vote for their candidate; vote for someone, not because your whole family traditionally roots for a certain party and you have no other idea who to vote for.

With the idea that your own decision will affect our immediate future, vote with your own mind and your own choice.

Vote like it’s the only thing you can do to give due respect to the American ancestors who devoted their lives in attaining the democracy that we now enjoy. And if nothing else, vote for the single simple idea that you care in shaping, not to mention saving, the future of our generation.

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