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Committing yourself to the armed forces

At Issue: People join the armed forces’ reserves to attain the benefits given, but some fail to realize the commitment they’re making.

For students wanting to accelerate their lives, or who aspire to become part of the army of one, there are many factors to be considered.

Joining the armed forces, especially in the current state of foreign affairs, is a divisive issue among Americans.

However, there are various benefits, including financial aid toward soldiers’ educational goals, job placement, leadership skills and training that enlisting may bring.

Many students at EC, for example, are taking advantage of the Montgomery GI Bill in order to further advance their academic careers.

Nevertheless, students have expressed discontentment with the fact that they’re lured into joining the military with money.

Furthermore, the recent increase in the death toll in Iraq has once again divided the American population. Some wish to bring the troops home. Still, some believe American armed forces should remain.

Joining the armed forces has its advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the motives behind joining the armed forces, it is commendable that these soldiers venture into foreign countries to carry out what many Americans only talk about.

However, would-be soldiers should keep in mind that joining the armed forces may render in death.

Skill and drive leads Forensics to the top

At Issue: EC’s Forensics team has excelled at almost every competition they have attended, leading them to No.2 in the nation.

As a result of their skill and talent, the forensics team is ranked No. 2 in the nation, beating out teams from nationally recognized universities such as Stanford, UCLA, USC and Berkeley.

Its success springs from its members ability to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally. To be successful, team members must work to possess such skills as confidence and effective communication skills. Doing so requires hard work and dedication, including several hours of practice and the willingness to accept criticism.

During competitions, team members often have a limited amount of time to compose speeches; through discipline, they must be able to compose valid debates, despite the pressures of their surroundings.

Being involved in forensics can be rewarding, during and after college.

Besides being an extracurricular activity, involvement in forensics prepares one for “the real world.”

For example, it is an activity that is highly regarded by those in business, law and politics, professions that require strong and effective speaking skills.

In addition, forensics can build self-confidence and increase one’s ability to communicate with others.

Joining the forensics team not only looks good on one’s transcripts; it also looks good for one’s future.

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