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Expensive textbooks are for a worth cause

At Issue: Although textbooks prices have risen, some of the profits go to helping fund facilities and projects across campus. the extra $7 per unit.

At the start of every semester, there is always one thing instructors and studets can count on, and that is the common complaint of the high cost of textbooks.

Even so, many students may not be aware that instructors play a major role in selecting the texts that best fits their curriculum.

Likewise, students are probably not aware that the bookstore is owned and operated by the EC college District and that all net profits from the sale of textbooks help support the Auxiliary Services Fund and site improvement projects on campus.

Nonetheless, one thing students should consider is that for many of the textbooks kept in fair to good condition, the bookstore offers a buyback program for up to 50 percent of the cost of books.

However, if the none of this suits your fancy, there are other alternatives such as buying from the bookstore across from EC on Crenshaw Blvd. In addition, Schauermen Library has some textbooks students can use, or if you’re lucky, you can share with a generous classmate who was willing to buy the book.

But consideration should be taken as to the depreciating effect these alternatives could have on our college’s improvement projects. Not to sound too cliche, but it’s like biting the hand that feeds you.

Futhermore, if “eduation is the key to success,” why would anyone let the cost of textbooks lead toward the road of failure?

Lack of awareness leads to more debt

At Issue: As a result of the recent passing of proposition 57 and 58 California will increase its current deficit.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made such an impact that the voters in California used the power invested in them to see that Propositions 57 and 58 passed Tuesday with flying colors. However, the voting voice of California doesn’t know the trouble they’ve gotten us all in to.

Proposition 57 is said to give California the breathing room it needs to get its finances in order, but its quite the contrary if voters would have read their voters’ handbooks more carefully.

The premise behind propostion 57 may have been somewhat hard for people to grasp, but in simplest terms, Schwarzenegger devised a way to get the monkey off our back for awhile, but in not for good.

Proposition 57 is a one-time bond of up to $15 billion to help California retire its deficit, ifthe bonds sell. Consequently, the $15 billion must be repaid, and repaid with interest that will accrue each year until the bond is paid off. It could take 9 to 14 years to pay off the bond, resulting in billions of dollars in interest.

Proposition 58 was created for the sole purpose of making 57 easier to swallow, but neither will get the state out of debt. Schwarzenegger preyed upon California’s greatest weakness; the majority of voters read between the lines and many didn’t stop to read the fine print.

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