Professors gave concerns over Canvas grade books

During the Academic Senate meeting, professors showed their concern about the Canvas grade book not accurately displaying the grades of their students.

The professors said most students base their progress upon what they see as their current grade on Canvas.

It has been almost two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the start of El Camino College transferring to an online setting. The change affected both students and professors as many of them had to adapt to the online format for their classes.

The change in learning environments created a challenge for professors because it changed their usual teaching methods. This change was made to adhere to social distancing protocols as it was considered the best way to stay safe before vaccinations became widely available this year.

The Canvas grade book topic garnered many responses that the president of the Academic Senate, Darcie McClelland stepped in and said there will be a separate meeting centered on grade book concerns.

With the grade book data, students take steps towards what they are looking for in their academic courses, and sometimes the steps they take are merely based on what they see on the platform because they are trusting that what is shown in the course platform is showing their actual progress.

“I don’t know if my grade book is an accurate reflection of everything that a student needs to do moving forward in order to succeed in my courses,” Maria Brown, Faculty of Behavioral and Social sciences, said.