FBI warns against COVID-19 phishing scams

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning individuals to be aware of COVID-19 as criminals are taking advantage of people in need of financial assistance, according to an email by El Camino College’s Office of Marketing and Communications.

People posing as U.S. military or citizens stuck overseas due to the COVID-19 pandemic are asking victims to send money on behalf of themselves to a loved one fighting the disease.

In addition, the FBI warns that scammers are also posing as medical staff and charity affiliates, according to the email.

These email scams attempt to harvest the victim’s personal information or download malware onto computers using clickable links, according to the email.

Students at ECC have been targeted as part of phishing scams over the past couple year, receiving fraudulent ECC emails promising jobs opportunities and funds.

Other emails, including those with the subject line “Student Support Fund Unemployment Benefit”, where individuals claim they provide funds to students and charities, is a scam.