Seven updates from this week’s Academic Senate meeting

Several updates were discussed during the latest El Camino College Academic Senate meeting on Tuesday, March 19. Here’s the rundown:

1. The Senate announced James Buysse to be the interim vice president of administrative services after Brian Fahnestock resigned from the position. Viviana Unda was announced as the new director of institutional research and planning, replacing Irene Graff.

2. Amy Grant was introduced as the new dean of natural sciences.

3. EC Chief of Police Michael Trevis introduced Nina Young as the new Clery Act consultant.

4. Stacey Allen, a sociology professor, announced that EC’s Wellness Warrior program has also launched “with activities that invite everyone to get fit and have fun with ECC colleagues,” according to the EC website.

5. The possible implementation of proctor software was discussed. With this software, professors would be able to monitor student activity on computers.

6. The Senate discussed Administrative Procedure 5520, which explained how students and faculty could file complaints against each other.

7. The Senate discussed AP 5200, which revised rules for student discipline, including expulsion.

“We are the ones who set the behavioral standards for our students,” Ross Miyashiro, vice president of student services, said during the meeting. “This is good for them . . . it’s not us being mean to them.”

The next Academic Senate meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 2, at 12:30 p.m. in EC’s Distance Education Conference Room 166.