Coca-Cola machine repaired on campus


The repaired vending machine. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

An on campus Coca-Cola vending machine located outside of the Activities Center was repaired on Friday, Sept. 7.

Rubin Sanchez, a 53-year-old Coca-Cola technician replaced the vending machine’s old selector panel display with a new one. The panel display is the plastic screen people look through to view drink options.

The old display was yellowed and foggy which might have lead students to assume that the vending machine was not functional said Sanchez.

If any vending machine on campus needs attending to, look for a sticker on the top right of the machine that details a contact number, outlet number, and asset number.

The contact number for this particular machine outside of The Activities Center and in The Common Grounds area is 1-844-566-2653. The outlet number is 601674177 and the asset number is 301469.