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$1 million bail set in drive-by paintball shooting case involving former EC students

The respective mug shots of Tyler Walters, Lynn Johnson and Gabriella Semana, who are all being accused in the case of a drive-by paintball shooting that blinded a Torrance man in one eye. Photo courtesy of the Torrance Police Department.

Two former El Camino students are involved in the case of a drive-by paintball shooting that left a Torrance man blind in his right eye.

Tyler Walters the man who allegedly shot the gun, was an EC student of automotive tech in the fall of 2016, according to Emmanuel Tindall, 20, business management major and longtime friend of Walters.

One of this accomplices, Lynn Johnson, lists El Camino College on his Facebook age and his major as American sign language and deaf studies. The other accomplice, Gabriella Semana, has never attended EC.

The three are accused of involvement in a drive-by paintball shooting that took place on Sunday, Feb. 4, Walters’ defense attorney Rayford Fountain said.

According to Michael Fejes’s son, Michael Fejes Jr., his father has undergone an initial exploratory surgery but has not yet regained sight in his right eye. He is expected to undergo multiple surgeries in the future, and it is not yet known whether he will ever regain sight in his right eye, Fejes said.

Fountain expressed concern about continued misunderstanding of the severity of assault with a paintball gun, which is considered a deadly weapon in this case.

“I’ve had other paintball cases and these guys, they just don’t realize how dangerous the paintball guns are,” Fountain said. “They don’t really anticipate (that) they’re going to do any severe harm or damage, but you can really hurt somebody, as this case points out.

Walters is currently being accused of mayhem, aggravated mayhem, and assault with a deadly weapon, Fountain said. Due to the fee schedule that relates crimes to bail amounts, Walters currently has a bail set at $1 million. Fountain’s request for a bail reduction was refused last week.

A photo of Fejes’ injury, taken right after the accident, was shared on Facebook over 5,000 times. Despite community involvement in the case, Fountain hopes he will be able to druce Walters’ charges.

“He never intended to strike anybody in the face,” Fountain said. “My hope is for sure that we get rid of the aggravated mayhem and then negotiate some kind of incarceration that’s reasonable under the circumstances.”

Fejes Jr. said he hopes that Walters, Johnson, and Semana learn from the experience.

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