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Modernized printing system installed in Schauerman Library

Liliana Garcia, 19, administration justice major is swiping her ECC ID on the newly installed copier system on the main floor of the Schauerman Library. Garcia is printing a test she recieved via email from her professor.

El Camino’s Schauerman Library installed new copy and printing systems as part of the modernization promised to improve printing jobs for students.

The new system on campus operates using automated touch screens that heavily rely on the user’s EC school ID with a card swipe machine to access their account.

Students with $5 or more in their account may circumvent the ID process with an online link available at the Library homepage under “services” to manage funds and print jobs.

The site provides a step-by-step instructional page on how to navigate around the new system, including how to use the add value machines and how to print.

“The process has been streamlined for students so that they can print anywhere around the campus, within the building and print from home,” Gary Medina, public access librarian, said.

Although the price to print has not changed, the path to print has hindered some students.

“I thought it’d be easier because it’s new tech. The old ones were easy to use because you didn’t have to use your ID, all you needed was your email and your password,” Liliana Garcia, 19, administration of justice major, said.

Garcia was printing a test she had received via email from her professor when she encountered a problem on the main floor using the copy printer. The default settings were not set, and had to ask for help from a student worker.

The student worker, Carlos Martinez, 19, chemistry major, said he notices the confusion most students endure.

Medina recognizes the new technology is not “intuitive” for students and that he is working with Pharos, the software company that runs the printing system, to troubleshoot in the next couple weeks.

Medina added that the school’s decision to opt for a reliance on the ID is for “greater protection for the students, because there is a unique number attached on the student ID and you need the black strip on the ID to read and add value to the machine that Ricoh has.”

Ricoh is the manufacturer who provided the hardware that has put the Library technology in line with the rest of the campus, according to Medina.

The Schauerman contains five copy printers and six printers according to Library Media Technician Franklin White, who oversees the printers in the computer lab located at the basement.

The partnership for a new printing system began last semester with Rebecca Russell, former library and resources director, who worked in conjunction with the information technical department (IT) to improve the copying and printing machines.

“Now we have the capability to do that all in house, using an online administrative tool few of us have access to, where we can manage the system efficiently and effectively for students to deal with things immediately rather than wait for somebody to come out and help us,” Medina said.

In turn, Medina explains that right now the Library has no future plans in regards to updates because he is still figuring out the problems and troubleshooting with the new printers to make sure the system completely works by the end of the semester.

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