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El Camino’s Math Team places No. 9 in nation

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El Camino’s Math Team ranked No. 9 in the nation, according to the Student Mathematics League website.

The team is ranked among other two-year community colleges such as Santa Monica College who is ranked No. 10 and East Los Angeles college which is ranked No. 2 in the nation.

Gregory Fry, math team adviser, said whoever gets the top five scores are the students who represent the school in the Student Math League.

Fry said the team practices twice a week and different math instructors have one-hour practices as well as the members taking home old practice tests from past competitions.

“We write up really nice solutions, we get together and make strategies to attack the problems,” Fry said.

Fry added the teams are made up of 5 members and their scores are added so teams could get up to 200 in the fall and 200 in the spring totaling to 400.

EC’s Math Team score is 218 placing them at No. 9 while the No. 1 team is West Valley College with a score of 304.5.

Dian Yu, 19, computer science major ranked in the top 20 out of 583 students tied along with team member Hayden Syzdek with a score of 44 out of 80 in the 2015-2016 Student Math League competition.

Yu said the competition is harder than the average math course.

“I feel we can do better than that or at least I believe I can do better than my current scores this year,” Yu said.

The top ranking student is offered the Charles Miller Memorial Scholarship which is $3000.

SeokJun Park, 20, electrical engineering major, is one of the top performing students who entered the Math Contest.

Park entered the math contest and was one of the top performing students with a score of 22 out of 40.

Park said the test was not only difficult but also is based on the definition of PreCalculus.

“I came the US in December 2016, so I was not familiar with mathematical term in English. Most of mathematical expressions were strange for me and that was the most difficult point for me,” Park said.

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El Camino’s Math Team places No. 9 in nation