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Students celebrate a delayed Earth Day with the Associated Student Organization and International Club

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The Associated Student Organization and International Club set up in the Library Lawn from noon to 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 27, to educate students and celebrate Earth Day.

Students answered Wheel-of-Fortune style questions about the environment in exchange for cookies and tote bags.

“We did this last year and it was very successful, but we wanted to make an extension,” Hanna Chu, 20, psychology major and ASO Vice President, said. “Not just handing out cookies or free stuff, but let (students) know why it’s important to know about Earth Day, why global warming does exist. Let them know about the facts and be knowledgable before they go transfer.”

The event was meant to be an opportunity for students to learn.

“If you get (the question) wrong, totally fine. We’ll give you another question,” Chu said. “It’s about the learning experience rather than getting it right.”

The ASO and International Club teamed up to put on the event.

“International Club was a club that was just reactivated, I believe, in the fall,” Ushijima said. “They’re club account is currently empty so they don’t really have a lot of funds to support this kind of event. ASO does. We figure, let’s team. You have ideas, we have ideas, and we have the funds to back it up.”

Succulent raffle

ASO raffled off succulents to students who showed them reusable water bottles or offered a bottle or can for recycling. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

International Club offered their own freebies for students attending the event.

“We have a free mini-bin. It’s a mini trash bin from the City of Torrance. They support us and give us a lot of free stuff,” Layseang Ting, 24, business management major and International Club representative, said. “We have booklets that promote about waste management and environmental awareness all around the city of Torrance.”

Both organizations thought that it was important for El Camino to celebrate Earth Day.

“As a student, I believe that we are citizens of the world. As a citizen of the world we have to take care of the environment so we can live together happily on this beautiful earth,” Ting said. “I think students need to be educated more about the environment and they need to be involved in environmental awareness.”

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Students celebrate a delayed Earth Day with the Associated Student Organization and International Club