English professor files restraining order against her former student

A male student was served a trespassing warning after attempting to add a class with a female English instructor on Feb. 14, according to the police beat.

El Camino Police Chief Michael Trevis confirmed that the faculty member is English instructor Briita Halonen in a phone interview on Tuesday.

The reason for the trespassing warning is that Halonen has a restraining order against that student.

It was reported that the student had been emailing Halonen (contents are currently unknown) repeatedly.

EC Administration issued a “no contact directive” on behalf of the faculty member against the student who sent her the email.

Trevis added that he cannot disclose any more information due to the investigation being an ongoing case.

“As of now we are working with the district attorney’s office (on the investigation),” Trevis said.

Halonen said in an email that she does support student journalism, but she is unable to comment on the case at this time.

Although the contents of the emails to Halonen are not known, there was another case in which a former student contacted his professor in 2015.

Dash Porter sent a total of 13 messages via Facebook to former-English professor Cynthia Somin due to receiving a failing grade.

He sent those messages in 2013 and Somin read the messages and told police early in 2016.

Porter allegedly threatened to kill Somin with a gun and has had multiple court appearances since being expelled from school.

Somin also left her position here at El Camino in May 2016.

There was also an instance where a faculty member received threatening voice mails on his phone on March 11, 2016.

“If a student or anyone is emailing you to the point it becomes annoying, contact (Greg) Toya or me,” Trevis said. “This is for all the students and faculty.”