Planning and Budgeting Committee talk about raising winter enrollment

Enrollment goals for El Camino’s Winter Session was a topic discussed at the Planning and Budgeting Committee meeting on Thursday afternoon.

The committee discussed their enrollment goals for the upcoming Winter Session, which have been raised higher compared to previous semesters.

The projected goal for total enrollment for full-time resident students is set to 900, while the projected fill-rate is around 600, according to the PBC Enrollment Trends Report from Nov. 29.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Jean Shankweiler allegedly set a goal for each department to strive for a 90% fill rate, a 10 percent increase from previous semesters.

One strategy utilized by the Department of Mathematics to incentivize winter enrollment for students was to add more 5-unit courses to the schedule.

“(We have to) keep pushing students toward classes and hopefully we’ll hit that goal of 90 percent,” Natividad said.

To conclude the meeting, Natividad honored Academic Senate member and professor Lance Widman for his involvement in the committee, as he will retire at the end of this semester after serving for almost 30 years.

Members of the committee also announced that upcoming PBC meetings will be canceled and will resume in January.