District attorney makes offer for ‘peeping tom;’ defense attorney makes counter offer


The defense attorney for the man arrested for allegedly recording women in the bathroom made a counter offer, in court today, that is being considered by the district attorney’s office.

Moises Chavez, 33, was arrested on Oct. 12 on the suspicion of secretly recording women with a pen camera attached to his shoe in the Schauerman Library bathroom.

His bail is still set at $25,000 and he will remain in custody.

Chavez has had prior arrests in Santa Monica and San Diego, district attorney Courtney Wire said during court.

Before his court date officially began, his defense attorney, Torrance judge Amy N. Carter and the DA on the case met in a sidebar.

A sidebar is when the attorneys of opposing sides meet with the judge presiding on the case in front of the judge’s bench to speak, off the record, about the case, according to legal-dictionary.com.

Carter put it on record officially that the DA’s office made an offer to Chavez, which his attorney made a counter offer on.

Wire will be considering the offer and Chavez was given a new date to appear on Dec. 12.

Chavez was the first of three peeping tom reports this semester.

He was also the only reported person to be arrested.

There are no updates on the other incident, ECPD chief Michael Trevis said in an email.