Rising Star

Music is his passion; that’s why 22-year-old Aaron Jones, computer information science major, taught himself to play the guitar.

Jones grew up in Fresno, but moved to Torrance, where he has developed himself as an artist.

Jones began playing the guitar when he was 13 years old and has not put it down.

“I taught myself how to play the guitar,” Jones said. “I did it all by ear.”

What he likes most about the guitar, Jones said, is the freedom it gives him to play almost any genre of music.

“I think it’s a very diverse instrument; it allows me to play any type of string instrument,” Jones said.

Playing an instrument shows only part of his love for music, for Jones is also the guitarist for a band called the Dive Bar Junkies.

“My band mates and I all went to a party and began talking about music together,” Jones said. “Now it’s like we’ve been together forever.”

In 2002, these friends decided to take their love for music to another level.

“We are trying to start up our record label,” Jones said. “We want to give out our music for free wherever we play and available to download.”

Jones said lyrics to his songs represent how he views the world and has made him conscious of his surroundings.

“Music has changed my views about politics and a lot more stuff,” Jones said.

For Jones, his dream is not to become rich and famous, but to have fun with his music.

“I just want to make music and throw it out there,” Jones said. “It’s not about the money, it’s about having fun and expressing my opinion.”

Achieving popularity, Jones said, means remembering where one came from and lending a hand to any one who needs it.

“We’re trying to promote other bands who are not getting noticed,” Jones said.

A few of Jones’ favorite bands are Code 13, Unruh, Wellington and Defianse, which are also his inspirations.

“People can’t define our sound because every song is different,” Jones said.

“And I get my inspiration for song lyrics through experience and life,” he said.

Jones said he is especially excited about the new material the Dive Bar Junkies is working on and expects to have a demo out soon to be given out.

“I’m always looking for exposure,” Jones said. “Once we get a solid released, we are sending it everywhere to get it released.”

As for now, Jones is having fun with his band and is taking life one step at a time.

“I love music in general,” Jones said.