Art Gallery displays Art Faculty Show

A sculpture with two chests, a cartoon of Michael Jackson, a portrait of different angles of hair, and colorful paints is what someone who walks into the Art Gallery will be greeted with. The 2014 Art Faculty Show is on display until Dec. 10.

“The purpose of it is so that the students can see what faculty does on their own,” Susana Meiers, EC gallery art director, said.

This is an annual show and there are 27 faculty members that are participating. The art is displayed until Wednesday, according to the 2014 Faculty Show Guide.

“Currently, I think 45 or 46 faculty members and not all of these faculty members are studio artists,” Meiers said. “A lot of them are historians and not everybody participates every year.”

The show started in the 1970s and now, as a tradition, it always changes as trends in the art world change. Now, the digital world has an impact in art, Meiers said.

One of the faculty members who is participating in the show is art professor Harrison Storms, who’s been involved with the show since he began working at EC in 1985.

“Currently, my inspiration for my work has a lot to do with modern physics like quinine mechanics,” Storms said. “Quinine mechanics is so deeply mysterious.”

Yosseliyn Barriga, 21, nursing major, visited the Art Gallery with her friend.

“My favorite one is Double Dutch (by Joe Kabviel),” Barriga said. “I feel the person was trying to show through his art that he sees the world in different perspectives and he kind of wanted to make a sensation in one frame about his life.”

The exhibit is open Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 8 p.m., and is closed Friday through Sunday.

“I would love to have all students and faculty members come and see what this department has to offer,” Meiers said. “There is a lot of good work out there and it’s fun to see what your colleagues are doing.”