Quiet on set: Scene One Film Fest showcases student films


Vice President of the Film Club Devin Olesen and President of Scene One Film Club Hailee Pitschke kicked off the event by explaining what the event is about and what they should take away from it. (Khallid Muhsin | The Union)

Popcorn in hand, students, family and friends gathered in the dimly-lit Distance Education Room to view student-produced films on May 19.

The Scene One Film Club has been screening movies above the Bookstore for the past two years before moving to the Distance Education Room.

Film major and Vice President of the Film Club Devin Olesen said the main goal was for students watching the films to get together, collaborate and know like-minded people who are into movies.

“This was a traditional event,” Olesen said. “And I want students to be impacted by it by knowing that they can engage in film and accomplish anything they want as long as they are persistent and have a positive attitude.”

Hailee Pitschke, a political science major and the president of Scene One Film Club, wants the students who appear in the movies to receive credit for their hard work by having audiences see the movies they appear in.

Pitschke expects activities like this will increase the number of people who see their film.

“Many of these students do not receive the recognition they deserve and they put in an insane amount of work with no budget and they want to be able to present their art in the same way an art gallery does,” Pitschke said.

Jake Helffenstein, a film major and the director of public outreach for Scene One Film Club, wants students to have the chance to interact with film majors and interested parties to share and feel appreciation for them.

“This club has a pleasant vibe,” Helffenstein said. “Everyone here is distinct, motivated in their projects and comes from different viewpoints in film, making this a terrific communal gathering for filmmakers.”

Also in attendance was Joshua Rush, an aspiring actor who said this was his first time acting and viewing his own movie. Rush was excited to have three of his films seen by people who had never seen him perform.

Rush is returning to El Camino for the third time for the film festival, and this is his first appearance in a film that will be shown to the public. He worked on the film “Brotherhood” which took weeks to finish.

“‘Brotherhood’ was my favorite movie shown because of the connection I had with my fellow actors they played beside me, which reminds me of the four main characters of ‘Set It Off’ the movie,” Rush said.

The club will soon publish a playlist on its YouTube channel containing the films featured in the event.