Lessons learned at El Camino

Some of our staff is transferring and some is staying at El Camino, but we asked each member of our staff to come up with one thing they’ve learned during their time here.

If you have room in your schedule, if you’re interested in classes that aren’t required by your major or aren’t general ed, take them. I’ve met some of the best people that way and you meet people you normally wouldn’t. – Jessica Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

Talk to everyone because when you least expect it, the most unlikely person will change or shape your life in some way. Also, take early classes that way you don’t struggle with parking and you end your day early. – Sydnie Mills, Assistant Managing Editor

There are many beautiful people around campus, who have amazing stories. It’s nice to get to see behind their lives with People of El Camino. – Phil Sidavong, News Editor

I have met tons of people who worked hard to achieved their goals people who inspired me. I have learned that anyone can achieve their dreams with strong motivation and conviction. – Jay Bamba, Opinion/Editorial Editor

I learned that I can always find a parking spot in Lot F. I also learned that I can spend hours studying in the Learning Resources Center on the second floor of the Schuaerman Library. They have everything you need from tutors to computers to printing. While at the library, I also noticed that there are no mirrors in the women’s downstairs bathroom which can seem a little odd at times so I usually try to avoid it.Celine West, Arts Editor

It’s important to talk things out and being more open. A lot of the time it will help you more than you originally thought it would and it will bind you closer to others. – Rocky Rivera, Sports Editor

Don’t bother taking your old textbooks to the Bookstore buy back. I once got $12 for a good condition $80 textbook. – John Fordiani, Photo Editor

In my first semester, I used the Basic Skill Resource Center in the second floor of the library. This center helps students to improve their basic math and English skills. – Juan Lorenzo Gutierrez, Distribution Manager

Always buy your books before the first week rush inside the Bookstore. The odds of finding a book that’s required for your class after the first three weeks will never be in your favor. – Jerriel Biggles, Staff Writer

When I first started attending community college I just went to my classes and then straight to my car. I never stopped and looked and never stuck around. Then I joined the journalism program. Join any on-campus club or organization you may enjoy and you’ll learn, like I did, that doing so gives you a whole new sense of purpose and excitement. Jerome Casio, Staff Writer

There are many people willing to help. As an international student, every person I spoke to on my first day was friendly and helped me find my classes. – Chloe Chetty, Staff Writer

Never be afraid of speaking up in class. If you’re wrong, no one is going to remember it or care. This also keeps classes interesting and engaging. Talking is a lot more interesting than staring at the clock. – Ryan Decker, Staff Writer

Keep your eyes and ears open because you never know what you can miss when you aren’t in the moment.Jed Fernandez, Staff Writer

The best place to get food is at Supreme Burger Grill. The food there is delicious, the prices are pretty cheap, and the service is good. Just make sure to either get there before noon or after 1 p.m. – Grant Hermanns, Staff Writer

I have learned many things while attending El Camino, One of the things that has stuck with me is that college can seem overwhelming at times but its the little things that matter the most and those are the things you will carry for the rest of your life. – Aryn Hicks, Staff Writer

Rate My Professors is pretty accurate when it comes to El Camino instructors. Trust it.Monique Judge, Staff Writer

A lot of students dress very nice during the first two weeks of school but after those two weeks their outfits are not that good. – Trent Ledford, Staff Writer

Just because you went to a community college first, it doesn’t make you any less valuable or intelligent than the students who went straight into a four-year. At the end of the day you’re still in school getting the job done. – Patrice Moore, Staff Writer

Do not park your car in the parking lot if your tags are expired. – Eric Ramos, Staff Writer

The squirrels around campus are not as fearful as people would think. Just have a bag of peanuts with you and you’ve made new friends for life. – Mario Sosa, Staff Writer

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