Black History Month exhibit

With the arrival of the new month comes a new exhibit in the library. In coordination with Black History month, an exhibit celebrating the month.

The artwork includes paintings and drawings depicting Martin Luther King, Jr. and African-Americans during times of struggle and joy. The library also has a statue of the face of a woman who looks like a native African.

In addition to artwork, the library also has dolls that represent different eras of African and African-American culture. Some of the dolls are dressed like African-Americans laborers, while others look like native African tribes seen both in present day and, but more frequently in, the past.

Also in the exhibit are different and more modern works illustrating African-American history. In their waist-high displays are some published works — most notably a few biographies on President Barack Obama and his rise to the presidency. In the display right next to it are also some films and television shows illustrating African-American history and culture, including the shows “Roots” and “The Boondocks,” as well as the film “Dreamgirls,” amongst others.

The exhibit is a thoughtful and well-decorated tribute to Black History month, doing a nice job showing all different styles of African and African-American culture.

Update: Headline was changed from “On the scene: Black History Month exhibit” to “Black History Month exhibit.”