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Editorial: The consequences of losing the winter session

February 21

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Both smaller class sizes and fewer courses offered this semester is a change to students who have been attending El Camino in recent years, and they are both of low enrollment numbers for the spring semester.Yes, some could say...

Editorial: Closet of AIMS team secrets runs too deep

November 21

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The simple truth: humans are curious individuals.The scary truth: those curious individuals aren't allowed to get information that could very well have to do directly with them. A month and a half ago, a student told an EC emplo...

Editorial: Voting is a privilege, not a chore

November 7

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It’s unfortunate that even in the midst of major policy changes, the average California voter seems less informed and motivated than ever before. Despite the passing of Propositions 1, 2, and 47 in Tuesday’s election, voter...

Editorial: Ongoing drought requires the entire community to save water

October 25

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Everywhere around us, California is feeling the effects of a drought that has lasted these last three years, without any end in the foreseeable future. Now more than ever, it’s vital that we as a community take steps to c...

Editorial: Writing a new chapter on faculty integrity

October 8

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Cutting costs for students, assuring availability of learning resources, and tailoring the content of textbooks to a student’s needs all sound like great ideas. Unfortunately, as altruistic as this all sounds, it’s al...

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