‘Nice To See You’: Quarantunes edition 26


Since March 2021, The Union’s editorial board began creating and publishing Spotify playlists with each newsletter pertaining to different themes and moods.

The newsletters, comprised of news and other stories relating to El Camino College, are sent to subscribers’ inboxes every two weeks on Thursday mornings.

For the first playlist of the spring 2022 newsletter, we decided on the theme of ‘Nice To See You’, which includes songs chosen by the editorial board about being back on campus in-person and seeing peers face-to-face once again.

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Don’t have a Spotify account? Check out our picks below:

“Nice to See You” by Vansire

“Campus” by Vampire weekend

“New Coast” by Basement

“What’s New” by Dinah Washington

“Back in Black” by AC/DC

“Come Together” by The Beatles

“Hey” by Pixies

“The Boys are Back in Town” by  Thin Lizzy

“Hello Stranger” by Barbara Lewis

“The Boys Are Back” by High School Musical

“Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas

“All The Small Things” by Blink-182

“Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard

“Anthem For The Underdog” by 12 Stones

“Ocean Drive” by Duke Mont

“Young & Alive” by Bazzi

“Pump It Up” by Joe Budden

“Hello, I Love You” by The Doors

“Hello Old Friend” by Eric Clapton

“Reunited” by Peaches and Herb

“Still the Same” by Bob Segar