Society of Music awards students with scholarship prizes during Spring Showcase



Honey Bluu (voice) and Lionel Taplin (dance) perform “Love of My Life”by Erykah Badu. Photo credit: Jack Kan

Students performed to compete for scholarship prizes on Friday, April 6 during the Society of Music’s semi-annual Spring Showcase. Club President Ashley Bailey and Vice-President Jade Saffery shared the emceeing duties for the night.

Society 1.JPG
Society of Music Vice President Jade Saffery makes an announcement during the Society of Music's semi-annual Spring Showcase. Photo credit: Jack Kan

Various acts performed through out the night like Cassidy Feskowetz who sang the melancholy “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” from Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Sweeney Todd” and Ashley Crowe accompanied by Daniel Outlaw on piano and Jade Saffery on saxophone, for a soulful rendition of “Tell me”, composed by Daniel Outlaw himself.

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Shenny Cifuentes sings "Stay" by Mikky Elo, Justin Parker, and Elof Loevl. Photo credit: Jack Kan
Society 4.JPG
Lucas Jett sings "Make Them Hear You", by Steven Flaherty. Photo credit: Jack Kan

After all of the performers were acknowledged, the Sonora de El Camino band played to an irresistible Afro-Latin beat while the audience voted for the best acts of the night, with three music scholarships at stake. A conga line started snaking on stage.

Society 3.JPG
Honey Bluu (voice) and Lionel Taplin (dance) perform "Love of My Life"by Erykah Badu. Photo credit: Jack Kan
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The Cali Moonshine group performs "Can I Get an Outlaw" by Luke Combs. Photo credit: Jack Kan

Cali Moonshine came in third, winning a $100 scholarship. Daniel Outlaw and Ashley Crowe came in second, winning $150. Mamoru Sakamoto won first prize and $200.

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Mamoru Sakamoto plays "My Favorite Things" by Rodgers & Hammerstein. Photo credit: Jack Kan

A full photo gallery of the night can be found here.