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    Modern technology culture conveyed as the fall advance class showcase their abilities

    Shrouded in darkness, murmuring can be heard as it bubbles onto the surface while in the distance a cold fluorescent light shimmers on stage revealing extended arms and legs from dancers as the sounds of rhythmic plucking strings pulls the audience’s attention.

    fall advance dance concert-2072.jpg
    Photo credit: Jorge Villa

    As the progression increases, the dancers short breath movements dictated by each subsequent foot step forward and back is a piece of the larger picture to showcase the ability of the fall advance dance class.

    fall advance dance concert-1987.jpg

    The show played consecutively starting on Thursday, Nov. 30 to Sunday, Dec. 3 at the Campus Theatre with a $10 ticket of admission.

    fall advance dance concert-1927.jpg
    Photo credit: Jorge Villa

    The concert was to encompass the integration of dance and technology using saturated colors, visual media and a range of styles such as contemporary dance, which are movements resembling classical ballet, according to Jonathan Bryant, choreographer and dance professor.

    fall advance dance concert-2029.jpg

    Each piece delves into 15 to 30 minutes of abstract and thematic pieces.

    fall advance dance concert-1968.jpg

    “It was productive, it kept us busy a lot of times we don’t get enough food and sleep in our system but we keep on going. We keep on pressing forward to keep you guys entertain,” Jhaza Tanner, 23, dance major, said.

    fall advance dance concert-2104.jpg

    The performers dressed in minimal attire that stripped down to just leotards or a piece of cloth.

    fall advance dance concert-1974.jpg

    At the end, the dancers all stepped out for one last bow by which met with critical acclaim from the audience.

    fall advance dance concert-2027.jpg

    “It can be nerve wracking, there is a large amount of learning that happens when you’re performing no matter what we do. The lessons don’t hit until you get on stage and think about it afterwards,” Bryant said.

    fall advance dance concert-2012.jpg

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