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    One-Act plays give students a chance to direct their own plays at the Campus Theatre

    The student-directed One-Act plays featured four different student performances consisted of a 15 minute intermission between each two performances.

    The plays performed were “Last Call,” “Cinderella Married,” “The Subtext of Texting,” and “Speed Date.”

    Each humor-filled act was directed by an El Camino College student, which is why the annual event is named the Student-Directed One-Act plays, but is advised by Ron Scarlata.

    “It’s been amazing,” student director Kieran Flanagan said. “It’s just been an incredible experience.”

    Directing along with Flanagan from “Last Call” were Denzel Roseboro, director of “Cinderella Married,” Alexa Ahn, director of “The Subtext of Texting,” and Rita Chavdarian, director of “Speed Date.”

    The first act, “Last Call,” stung the audience with laughter in a seemingly southern setting as actors William Reed and Matthew Vincent played goofy drunks Carl and Barry causing a late-night ruckus along with their quiet friend Leon (Evan Parker).

    “They did great,” Flanagan said. “I don’t know how to properly describe it because it’s crazy just letting them run the show without you, but they did great to say the least.”

    The commotion caused by the set of characters leads neighbor Diane (Allie Barnum) to come outside and demand them to quiet down.

    Despite her early anger, all four characters end up enjoying each others noisy company.

    The second performance of the night, “Cinderella Married,” brought more of a serious feel to the theatre as Cinderella (Claire Griswold) and Prince Charming (Kellen Slattery) are portrayed the day of their five-year wedding anniversary.

    “My actors made me so proud,” Roseboro said. “They’re always creative and always learning.”

    The act showed the audience the not-so happily-ever-after relationship that Cinderella and Charming ended up having and their struggles with unhealthy temptation and not keeping each other happy.

    “This is their best performance yet,” Roseboro said. “As it’s closing night, I couldn’t be happier.”

    Following a brief intermission before the third act, “The Subtext of Texting” kicked off the second half of the night with a comical performance covering a texting conversation between relationship-confused Greg (Brandon Daryll) and Cori (Azucena Deras).

    Both Greg and Cori are seen consistently either misinterpreting or overreacting to each others messages, even when Cori’s friend Maddy (Ashley Jackson) was regularly with Cori and helping her understand what was being said and meant.

    “I knew their abilities,” Ahn said. “Their performances were amazing and I’m just happy I was able to work with each of them.”

    To finish off the night, “Speed Date,” which was set at a community center on Valentine’s Day, showed how hard it is to find the right person.

    Laura (Sarah Guidinger) and John (Kyle Cook) are among the speed-daters that showed up to have an event filled evening with the intention to find their “one”.

    “They couldn’t have done any better than they did,” Chavdarian said. “I couldn’t be any prouder of my cast.”

    After multiple failed connections, John and Laura find each other at the end, which seemed to be where they were meant to be all along.

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