‘Broadway’ has audiences laughing and dancing in their seats

The Chorale Club debuted their theatrical musical performances at the Haag Recital on Friday, Nov. 4, which included a variation of interpreted songs titled “Broadway, Here We Come!”.

Wearing a red suit with a black shirt, artist and host Rodney Rose set the stage to begin the show.

“No Bad News” from “The Wiz,” which was also performed by Rose and Dionne Fontenot, was the opening act that got the audience chanting and clapping along with the song.

“They were all really good,” Asuzena Deras, 21, theater major, said. “All just really talented.”

Each musical performance had its own style which was portrayed through the interpretation of the performers’ costumes, body language and facial expressions.

Artists Kayla Atkinson and Kimberly Deckman were dressed in black dresses and each wore a white venetian masquerade mask when performing “Music of the Night” from “Phantom of the Opera.”

“I thought it was awesome, it was really at a professional level,” Sharon Sanders, 48, Rancho Dominguez resident, said.

“Greased Lighting” and “There are Worse Things I Could Do” from the hit musical, “Grease,” also wowed the crowd with the musical numbers and 1950s costumes which included white shirts, leather jackets, skin-tight rolled-up jeans and black Chuck Taylor Converse shoes.

It wasn’t only the performing artists that had the crowd engaged.

Rose’s hosting had the crowd laughing in their seats with his sarcastic jokes, purposefully mispronouncing names and his variation of seven costume changes throughout the show.

“I don’t like to sweat when I am in clothes too long, I need to get out of (them),” Rose said. “I am also addicted to buying clothes.”

Rose also wanted the readers to know that music is powerful.

“(Music) brings everybody together,” Rose said. “When you have music you can get through it, that’s how we always survive.”