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    Old readings tied to modern racism at African-American Read-In

    Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance is an example that there are still race problems among African Americans, a Project Success counselor said on Tuesday during his reading of an excerpt from “Race Matters,” written by Cornell West.

    The panel members of the African-American Read-In said that they have a special connection to the pieces they presented during the Black History Month event in the East Dining Room.

    Brian Mims, Project Success counselor, also said that another reason why he shared West’s piece was because of what has happened in Ferguson.

    Mims said that there were members from the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who supported the cops who killed an 18-year-old black male in 2014.

    Another panel member was an EC sociology professor, Akello Stone, who said that he chose to read an excerpt from the book,Cultural Hegemony and African-American Development” written by Clovis E. Semmes, who was his former professor at Eastern Michigan University.

    “I credit him with being the person who most influenced my intellectual development,” Stone said. “So being able to share with you (this piece) is an honor for me, and it is the way I will pay honor to him.”

    English professor, Allison Carr, said that she chose to be part of this event because she is a lover of words.

    “I think especially African-American authors and artists aren’t as known as they should be,” Carr said.

    Some of the students who attended really enjoyed the readings that the panel members presented at the event.

    “I thought it was pretty cool. Especially the poem ‘Phenomenal Woman,’ I really enjoyed that,” Adalze Onwuka, undecided major, 18, said. “I enjoyed the fact how the poem portrayed how powerful women can be if they come together as one.”

    Karlynn Parker, 19, undecided major, said that she found this event interesting.

    “I chose to attend because it’s Black History Month, and it’s something that interests me when we talk about African-American culture,” Parker said. “I wish I would’ve found out how I can get involved in it, and be able to go and speak because I would like to read something too.”

    For more information on Mims and the Project Success program, visit their page on El Camino’s website.

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