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    ‘Truth and Beauty’ is on display in the Schauerman Library

    The Schauerman Library will be home to dozens of photographs, all taken by students and alumni of El Camino’s photography department, in this year’s photography exhibit, “Truth and Beauty.”

    Darilyn Rowan, professor of photography, organizes an exhibition of student photographs in the Schauerman Library every spring — each exhibition is attached to a particular theme.

    This year’s theme, “Truth and Beauty,” refers to the two concepts photographers portrayed in their photographs during Pictorialism — a movement in the history of photography that promoted photography as art and considered photographs that mimicked paintings as the highest form of this art — Rowan said.

    But “Truth and Beauty” is more than just an appreciation of and homage to pictorialism.

    “‘Truth and Beauty’ (is) an exploration of a deeper, more nuanced interpretation of beauty in a wide range of circumstances, both experientially and visually,” Rowan said.

    “Truth and Beauty” includes 69 black-and-white, color, digital and film photographs. It also includes several digital photographic images transferred onto wood and two ceramic pieces with digital black-and-white photographic images printed on the glaze.

    Pamudi Manesha, 37, business major, who visited “Truth and Beauty” on her way to class, admired the variety of photographic art the exhibit had to offer.

    “I love everything about it,” she said. Manesha also said she was interested in the photographs of beautiful landscapes.

    Karen Whitney, associate professor of art, said that she also admired the variety of of art in “Truth and Beauty,” including three pieces of photographs printed onto wood by Christine Jackson and Laura Jines and two pieces printed onto ceramics by Matt Finley.

    “I’ve never seen a student here do that before,” she said. “It’s very different, really creative approaches.”

    Narihiko Kumagae, 26, photography major, specializes in black-and-white street documentary photography and has three of his photos, that capture the truth and beauty of the streets he shot them in, up on display.

    Kumagae said he’s proud to have his work showcased in the Schauerman Library and to have participated in something much bigger than a display of exceptional photography.

    “Truth and Beauty” was planned and displayed in honor and memory of the late music professor Dr. Chris Mello, who died last year.

    “Chris was a brilliant and passionate musician,” Rowan said. “(He was) a brave and courageous man. I dedicated the exhibition in his memory as a simple statement of respect.”

    Library staff members Albert Romero, Mary McMillin, Brian Hayden and Howard Story were all supportive of and involved in the process of installing “Truth and Beauty,” Rowan added.

    “Truth and Beauty” will be on display until April 30 and is found in the Schauerman Library.

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