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    Woodwinds featured in upcoming concert

    Entertainment and education is the key to music students’ heads and and hearts.

    With music students’ best interests in mind, James Mack, along with other faculty members, will have their annual concert of the clarinet and other woodwind instruments, Friday, April 18, at 3 p.m.

    The concert, which is part of the program called The Resident Artist Series, features around 10 to 12 concerts with EC’s own faculty every year.

    “This is an ongoing concert and an opportunity to let our faculty be heard,” Leslie Back, one of the faculty coordinators for the Resident Artist Series, said.

    Other featured instruments played by faculty, besides the clarinet and the saxophone will be the flute, oboe and the bassoon.

    Special guest Tawnee Lillo will be playing the French horn and Nicholas Sobko will be playing the saxophone.

    “Dr. Mack will be playing the clarinet and also the saxophone. Maria Jaque is a flutist, Ann Patterson is playing the oboe and sax. I will be playing the bassoon, and a guest will play the French horn,” Dane Teter, music instructor and musician, said.

    Mack is a former clarinet instructor at EC and worked here for 30 years until he retired.

    “Mr. Mack was in my position before he retired. We worked together and we have done many music collaborations together,” Teter said.

    Currently, he employs a different staff to be in his clarinet concert every year for any staff member who is interested in playing.

    “It’s every year. He’s done it a lot longer than I have,” Teter said.

    The show will feature many pieces from the classical periods as well as a mix of a few jazz pieces for variation.

    “He’s choosing styles from different time periods, helping students appreciate classical music,” Teter said.

    With the purpose of helping students appreciate the music, the important thing is that the concert will showcase a variety of woodwind instrumemnts.

    “His concept is to showcase woodwind instruments, to provide a variety of woodwind instruments,” Teter said.

    Tickets cost $15. Interested persons may call (800) 832-ARTS.

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