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    Student Plays One Act

    Shakespearean rednecks, anti-religious pills, a Vietnam vet lacking genitals and confessions from the toilet, all bundled together for a $6 ticket price.

    This semester, the theater department again presents Student One-Act plays: four entirely different, unique plays, each roughly 30 minutes in length and directed by four different theater students.

    The play entitled “Restroom Confessions” is about six diverse women who come together in a public bathroom and share a lifetime’s worth of their drama, problems and knowledge, Brandon Ferruccio said.

    This play, which Ferruccio wrote and directed, holds special meaning for him.

    “This is kind of like a homage to all of the powerful and really wonderful women in my life, in the world and in society as well,” Ferruccio said.

    First-time director Meghan Penny has taken on “Slipping Him the Tongue.”

    If the name of the play isn’t tantalizing enough, check out the plot synopsis about when Bubba meets Brutus.

    “In a nutshell, I guess you can say this play about what happens when you have a couple of rednecks who discover the genius of William Shakespeare,” Penny said.

    The plays take a wild turn from Shakespeare to sci-fi Jesus in “Deus-X.”

    “Deus-X” mixes together elements of science fiction and the Holy Bible to tell a story about a drug prescription that can get rid of the area of the brain that makes someone religious.

    “The play is basically about how this drug affects each person as they take the pill and the kind of things it makes them do,” director of “Deus-X” Renee Fincham said.

    “Pvt. Wars” is about three post-Vietnam War veterans in their 20s dealing with their own problems, director Christopher Roque said.

    For example, one of the characters took a low blow during the war and must cope with losing the elements of his manhood for the rest of his life.

    The show will take place tomorrow and Saturday in the Campus Theatre at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale at the Ticket Office for $6.

    However, students may get in free if they have a current ASB sticker and show up a half hour before the show.

    “We are really happy with the cast that we have this semester, and I think that’s what’s going to make this year’s set of shows so extremely well-received,” Penny said.

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