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    ‘Foolish’ concert showcases local area talents

    April Fool’s Day is for more than playing pranks. On April 1, the Cinema Arts Club will be hosting its second annual concert event, “Foolish Showcase,” in the Activities Center.

    The concert will feature a variety of local talent performing hip-hop, indie and punk music. In addition, the Cinema Arts Club will exhibit some of its own short films.

    “We try to have a mixture of things. We showcase bands from our community, bands from our college and we show short films during the breaks,” Alex Calderon, host of Foolish Showcase, said

    “We try to have as much El Camino talent as possible, and then we try to bring in other bands. I host it and give away prizes and we have games,” Calderon said.

    This year, Foolish Showcase will have a combination of new groups performing as well as a few returning from last year. Such bands include: “Rock Goggle Fantasy,” “Insepia,” “Wilshire District,” “Miggs,” who has been featured on “The O.C.”

    Students and administrators alike are in support of the showcase. It brings the student body together to have fun and have a good time.

    “Last year’s show was exciting and well-attended. The groups were eclectic, and we have a lot of variety,” Harold Tyler, director of student development, said.

    “The epitome of any activity is if you can get people excited and care about the event, it will be successful,” Tyler said.

    Local talents are featured in the show. It gives musically inclined students a chance to show what they can do.

    It was a musical showcase-we threw ourselves out there. All were invited, and all had a good time. It s always been a good thing, doing that in the school, and people actually enjoying it,” Chris Rubio, art illustration major, said.

    “In the sixties and seventies, they had dances, concerts, movie nights, a bunch of events. In the eighties, nineties, it just all died out.

    “Nobody really does anything on campus, so we’re trying to pick it up by trying to have an annual event, and maybe more and more,” Calderon said.

    With the success of last year’s Foolish Showcase, Calderon is optimistic of the outcome of this year’s concert.

    “If you like punk, rock, rap or hip-hop, indie, or any kind of music, just come and check us out,” Calderon said.

    Tickets for Foolish Showcase are $2 presale and $4 at the door, $3 with an ASB sticker. Students may go to the club’s website at

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